Westchase/Tampa Massage

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Gain Mobility

We offer Active Isolated Stretching to help improve your mobility needs.


We offer several modalities here at Perfect Touch Massage, including but not limited to therapeutic touch, active isolated stretching, cupping, the use of GUA SHA tools, and rehabilitation exercises.


Our Massage Specialties

Cranial Sacral Massage

Gentle manual therapy approach that works with the natural, self-correcting mechanism of the body to detect and release restrictions, immobility and enhance function. This type of work maybe used to help, but not limited to the following symptoms: Migraines, Chronic neck and back pain, TMJ, Post surgical dysfunction, and fibromyalgia. This work is better known to work in a series of at minimum 3 sessions.

Sports Massage

Combines different massage techniques to enhance sports performance and recuperation. This enables the athlete to reach optimal performance through injury free training.

MyoKinesthetic System

Corrects and balances the nervous system by working with the soft-tissue muscular system. Minimum 3 sessions required, some older injuries maybe a little more stubborn and take more sessions to comply with the nervous system.

Deep Tissue & Neuromuscular

This technique focuses on deep layers of the muscle and aims to release chronic pain patterns throughout the body. Great for breaking up knots and adhesions, loosening muscles and connective tissue, and treating chronic injuries and pain.