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My name is Lisa NeSmith and I have been pursuing my passion of massage therapy since 2003. Over my career, I have worked for various spas, chiropractic, pain management and physical therapy practices. Each of these experiences has broadened my knowledge of the human body and ways to attend to all types of pain and physical stresses. Even as young as childhood, I have been fascinated by the connection between being touched and the reaction of the body to that stimulus. In my practice, I take a physical therapy approach to massage therapy. I look at the body as a whole and communicate where the pain is coming from and resolve it.

I believe that what sets me apart from my competition is my intense focus on individualizing a treatment for each client based upon their unique issues that prompted them to seek my services. No two clients are alike and neither should the massage they are given. I am always taking courses to further my education and better serve my clients. With that said, let’s work together to create a plan that either alleviates the pain you are feeling or simply gives you that sense of relaxation you’ve been looking for!

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I’m an active 50 year old that’s always enjoyed working out. I also paddleboard and play golf and if there’s one thing I’ve realized after 30 years of being active it’s that rest isn’t always enough to let your body heal. You also need the recovery part and that’s where I found Lisa. I found that over time I’d have nagging muscle aches that wouldn’t go away and Lisa has, hands down, worked magic to help keep me active. My wife and I would often get massages on vacation and Lisa has absolutely ruined me (in a good way) when it comes to massage therapy. I’ve been to countless massages and nobody can keep help my overall body recover, as well as diagnose a problem area like Lisa can.

Matt K

I’ve used Lisa as my massage therapist numerous times over the years, and she’s amazing! I find it especially helpful that she’s well versed in the world of fitness and exercise, since it’s helpful being able to describe what particular movements in the gym cause pain and discomfort and she knows just what you’re talking about.

And she has a great personality. I enjoy chatting with her while she works on all my aches and pains. Highly recommend her services!

–Brad C.

Brad C

Several years ago, I had an extremely physical job and was dealing with repeated hip and lower back issues. I was not at a point where I could simply get a different job, and I’d been seeing a chiropractor for the better part of a year, as well as doing mobility suggested to me by my CrossFit gym. All of it helped to a degree, but I’d found myself still scaling workouts and movements and could no longer really function normally without pain.
After briefly speaking with Lisa after a workout one day, I asked her if she could “take a look” and see if massage would benefit me. Lisa knew right away after just a little bit of investigating what was affecting me. She spent maybe 3 min working her magic and I very quickly had no pain. ZERO! Now, this was only temporary, but it was enough to tell me that this could be managed if treated properly. (No surgery!!) I’d had constant pain down my leg and some numbness in my hip for well over a year, and for her to have figured out what was going on in less than 3 minutes was enough to almost bring tears to my eyes. I booked an appointment with her soon after and she single-handedly got me moving again.

Let me tell you about Lisa!